This is a brief description of the roles I’ve held professionally, including the roles, responsibilities and areas I’ve touched as part of this. You can find more detail on my LinkedIn profile

Student Air Traffic Controller at Nats (March 2014 – Present)

  • Following on from my time as a trainee at the college in Whiteley, posted to Gatwick airport to commence unit training

Trainee Air Traffic Controller at Nats (March 2013 – March 2014)

  • Training to become an Air Traffic Controller with NATS in Whiteley
  • Completed basic training (July 2013), aerodrome (ADI, September 2013) and approach radar (APS, March 2014) courses

Technical Account Manager at OpenMarket (September 2011 – March 2013)

  • Split role between software design/development/operations and customer-facing support/account management
  • Responsible for a number of high-value accounts, maintaining close contact with both technical- and business-facing client employees
  • Worked on a number of projects, including IVR, Mobile Engagement and SMS aggregation
  • Spearheaded numerous internal development projects relating to integration testing of web applications

Assistant Caretaker at Vernon Primary School (August 2010)

  • Summer job working in a small team responsible for relocation of the school to new property within a tight deadline
  • Included liaison and management of on-site contractors
  • Included work as a network technician while migrating systems

Multimedia Technician at BAE Systems (July 2005)

  • Work experience for 2 weeks in a Customer Training Centre
  • Numerous projects, from simulator modelling to video production