Where has ‘the truth’ gone?

After discussion with my employer, I’ve decided to remove my previous post – “The truth about the Gatwick ATC closures” – from this blog. To be clear, I’ve not been put under any pressure to do this, but it has been pointed out that I could inadvertently be damaging the working relationship with our customer, something I had never intended. This is a difficult time for our industry as a whole – now more than ever we need to be working together.

My original post was borne out of frustration towards the incredible amount of false information being presented as fact in the media. Call it ‘fake news’, call it ‘sensationalism journalism’, call it what you will – these articles serve as nothing but clickbait to the general public, but seriously damage the reputation of everyone working within our industry. The outpouring of positive feedback to my post was immense – it’s clear to me that the vast majority of aviation professionals are fed up with this rhetoric. I go into work every day and sit beside people putting all their effort into providing an outstanding safe, orderly and expeditious air traffic service – it’s time that those with an influential voice use it to defend the ‘coal face’ workers from this kind of onslaught in the media.

To everyone who read my post – Please use any platform you have to provide a positive influence on guiding debate in the media. The aviation industry faces difficult times in the near future, we must ensure that well-sourced facts form the basis of future discussions.

To the airport – The article was written as a defence of Gatwick, if it had the opposite effect then I apologise.

To my employer – Don’t just pay attention to my words, pay attention to everyone who stood up and applauded them as long overdue. You have a highly motivated workforce who will always provide the best possible service no matter what the circumstances – don’t let that good-will be eroded. Oh, and don’t worry, these posts won’t become a regular feature!

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