Work. Yay.

Don’t we all love work… actually got round to doing some this afternoon!

Got some Computing revision in before the exam on Tuesday (eep.)

Anywho, also did ATC on Bristol’s European Adventure at Rotterdam (FSX has some nice scenery of the town, I wish I’d been flying!) for a short while, and then came off to revise (boooo!)

Found a lovely piece of Software earlier… whilst looking for an Outlook alternative (I miss Outlook 2007 BETA like a… erm… think I miss a lot?):

Mozilla Sunbird

Yeah, hardly the most attractive title, but its a nice piece of software!

Unfortunatly, it’s not as nice looking as Outlook 07 (which did actually take my breath away), but it’ll do for now 😉 I’m going to look into new styles, and I’ll get back to you on that one!

Anyway, better go revise… and by revise I mean sit on MSN staring blankly at CP2 revision on the other monitor 😎

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