Group Camp

Well, off I trot to group camp again this weekend.

Fortunatly, some of the network members are there as well – so I’m not on my todd all weekend!

I will be back Sunday afternoon, and am leaving at 3.30pm today (crap… thats in less than an hour!)

See you all soon!

FsPortal Development

Wow, I amaze myself yet again.

Managed to complete a whole load of the structure for FsPortal in under a day! I now have a template system to work with, plus a lot of the SQL stuff laid down.

Just need to do the user class and complete SQL classes, and then I’m ready to start on the fun stuff!

I will keep you lovely people up to date… but right now a Bristol session is calling!

Vista Style

Decided late last night I wanted a Vista look for my PC…

Ended up with

It’s pretty good, still a couple of problems with it so far… I’ll keep you up to date!

Falklands 25

I must say, the Falklands 25 program broadcast by the BBC today was extremely good.

The sound quality was crap at best, and at times there was severe delay between the music and the singing, but the actual content was very good.

And yes, the flypast was late… but luckily the BBC extended coverage time to show it. So I was happy!

Safari BETA

I have been trying out Safari for Windows XP over the past couple of days, and my initial reaction is one of absolute loathing.

According to Mr Jobs, HTML and Javascript loading times are nearly cut in half from the ever popular FireFox. This may be so, I have not tried their testing program, but what use is this when communication times are so slow!

From what I’ve seen, Safari takes a lot longer to process the actual request, making the improvement of HTML loading times un-noticeable.

If Apple want to dominate this market, at least put out a piece of software better or equal to the competition! However, in my opinion: the layout of Safari for Windows puts it on a par with, or even behind, IE7

Trooping of the Colour

Most disgruntled at the moment… watched the Trooping of the Colour this morning only to find that the BBC stopped coverage before the flypast. “Never mind” thought I, “I’ll record the highlights later on, that’ll show them”

Bloody BBC then show the highlights late, and I miss the flypast on my recording.

I hate the BBC. Lots.

They’d better show decent coverage of Falklands 25 tomorrow afternoon (doubtful, my source says that the flypast is 1650, coverage ends at 1700) otherwise the shit will hit the fan big time!

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