Safari on Windows

Hasn’t Mr Jobs just shot himself in the foot?

He always bangs on about how “crap” Microsoft is… but now decides to release a version of his browsers for Windows…


Still… if you can’t beat them – join them 😀

Prison Break over :(

Series 2 of Prison Break is over!!! Unfortunatly, it’s going the way that ‘lost’ did, in that they’re dragging it on asking more and more questions.

It’s getting a bit surreal now.

Anyway, I’ve got a looooong wait for Series 3 now… so need to find some other Monday night activity to entertain me!

Best be off… D1 looms and still no revision!



Slowly coming round to the fact that I don’t have a ruddy clue about most of the Physics course. Damn.

Looks like the next couple of days are not going to be fun… I bloody hate Winslow and Jackson.

Maths C2 seems to be coming along a bit better fortunately, so *finger crossed* that should go fine!


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