Half-life 2

Just completed the latest Mod that I’ve found (Half-life 2: Riot Act)… absolutely amazing!

Got about 3 hours gameplay out of this – simply unreal for a freebie! My hat any any other headwear goes off to the developers! Would post a link, but I can’t remember it… its late and I can’t be bothered googling (yes I’m that tired, see next post)

Saw today that HL2:Episode 2 is up for pre-order… in part of "The Orange Box".

This contains:

  • Half-life 2 (already have)
  • Half-life 2: Episode One (already have)
  • Half-life 2: Episode Two (point of buying this package)
  • Portal (No idea, looks like more puzzles and less shooting – will give it a crack before slating this one)
  • Team Fortress 2 (not bothered, was really into TFC, but they seem to have ruined it)

All for the low low price of… $44.95 (about £22.50 ish)

I don’t really agree with the added things, I would like to be able to get EP2 on its own really, but for £22.50, I don’t mind too much. Providing it really is £22.50. Will probably be more like £40 in this country. Sound fair to you?

Anywho, its out in just over a month (October 10th I believe). I will be ordering my copy. I’m that ruddy dedicated!

Update: Just had a look on Play.com. RRP £34.99 (told you so…) but they’re doing it for £26.99… reasonable (ish).

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