My Day

Now the HL2 rant is over… more about me 😀

My day was crap! Started off with a couple of okay Music Tech lessons, went downhill with Computing theory, and then double Maths finished me off.

I actually came home and screamed into a pillow at the end. 2 * Maths just isn’t meant to happen.

Fortunately, it only happens until middle of October, when I get to go and sit in with Year 12 lessons. Whoopee. Plus Taylor is now threatening to join them as well. Whoopee * 2.

(I know its hard to tell sarcasm over the net. So here’s a hint. That was sarcasm -.-)

Anyway, got home, lost my Clarinet (hoping its somewhere in Music… fingers crossed), found out that I killed the FsPortal server already (not really… but you know!) and then played HL (see earlier post).

Now I’m off to bed, just to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

Should I start counting down the days until I am released from the horrors of college? May be sad enough to work it out one lesson…

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