And I’m finding out the hard way!

Thanks to Dan Munn who suggested that I should try learning some PERL in order to get a better upload script for FsPortal. "How easy", thought I, "PERL can’t be that different from PHP!"

First glances… it ain’t too bad, but once I started getting into it… OUCH!

Managed to find a ready made script that does uploads… but now haven’t the foggiest where to adapt it, add my validation and then insert it into the database! Ohhh dear…

If any reader has some idea how PERL works, and fancies helping me out – please get in touch!

I’m thinking of just making the PERL script redirect to the safety of PHP once the upload is done… but this may not be feasible! Help!

Anyway, besides that… FsPortal is nearly complete 😀 I’m nearing 100% on my progress bar, with just a couple of tweaks to make before it is released.

Oh, and we publicly announced the release date yesterday…

20th October

Put it in your diaries – you have to be there… its going to be the biggest and best Flight Simulator event ever!

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