Wasted weekend

And not in the sense that I was wasted.

Spent all of Saturday doing Maths homework, and then all of Sunday doing various bits of coursework. I think its fair to say that I’m pretty peeved.

FsPortal is nearing release, only 27.5 days left until it gets unveiled to the public… and yet I can’t spend my time on it!!! I’m losing out on revenue! And you know I need the money if I’m to get my hands on one of those iPhones. Damn you Steve Jobs.

Anywho… back to the same old monotony for another 7 days. I may just have to start a countdown until I leave this awful school and finally start to live again.

Still… 21 days until Family Guy, and a few less until Halflife 2: Ep2 (which I have ordered 😀 Before I realised I needed the money elsewhere 🙁 Ah well)

I have a fairly crap day at school tomorrow. 2*Physics, 1*Maths and 1*Tech. Probably no blog tomorrow… will be too busy screaming into pillows. Seems to be a regular occurrence now. Who the hell is responsible for this timetable?!?!?!

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