I Got iPhoned!

I am now the proud owner of a brand new iPhone!

Words cannot describe how awesome it is… you’ve got to see it in the flesh to really love it!

I’ve not put it down since I got it, and only just run the battery down – thats about 6 hours of continuous work (with Wifi enabled), before it went, and it charges pretty fast as well!

I am actually speechless…!


Mum’s finally come round to the idea of iPhone! Seems that she wants one as well, however… and also sister wants one. Doesn’t seem quite so cool any more 🙁

Ah well… possibility of going into Macclesfield to get one tomorrow!!!

Xmas Greetings

Got a nice Christmas present from some script-kiddie this weekend – a nice attack against FsPortal! This little moron thought it would be funny to post 800 stupid messages on the forum… I guess he must be the alpha-male within the circles of retards – I only hope that natural selection takes its course and this particular branch of society dies out quickly!

Anyway, I won’t be around much over the next week or so – managed to get myself into quite a lot of debt recently, and hence need to earn the money back!

Seasons greetings to everyone, hope you get everything you wish for and more!

Musical Tastes

Rather disturbed at my own musical tastes at the moment:

Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This – He Don’t Love You Like I Love You

And I’m enjoying… catchy lyrics, and he’s got a pretty good voice. I’m sure this is Music Tech eating me from the inside out!

Someone kill me or make me do something manly – QUICK!

UCAS Update

Heard back from Kent yesterday, they want 300 points from at least 3.5 A-levels!

I’m hoping that won’t be too difficult, since that is my backup offer 😐

Got an interview for York and Durham, Nottingham and Edinburgh have confirmed my application but not said anything about interview yet.

We shall wait and see o_O

Another fun weekend

Went to the poshest party of the year last night! Out in High Lane…

  • Huge House
  • Bouncers on the gate
  • Invite only
  • £2k worth of Marquee

Yeah it was a fun night…!

Next weekend will be even more epic though… Friday – Monday of solid drinking! Woop woop!


May sound dirty… look it up!

Really don’t know how I can put off Physics revision much longer… I want to do it, but don’t know how!

Found a Physics tutor, friend of the family… hopefully will improve my grades for the exam this time around!

Did the Maths mock during my free day (what a way to spend it…), found it incredibly hard!

Anyone found a way to freeze time yet?

Life at 23:38

Right now, nothing – NOTHING – is going my way.

Relative died today, wasn’t a huge shock, but still wasn’t really a nice thing to have. RIP.

Physics isn’t proving to be much of a laugh. Resits are now 1 month away – eek.

FsPortal is currently suffering due to all of this.

I’ve had to leave Bristol-ATC because of too much other personal stuff around.

I don’t think now is a good time to be me! Boy I can’t wait to actually escape Sixth Form and get away to do something I actually enjoy!

Friday night

Well I had fun. Woke up with:

  • Sprained ankle
  • Bleeding eye (literally)
  • Cuts & Bruises all over my legs
  • Large hangover

Not a nice way to spend a Saturday!

Also, suddenly realised this morning that no-one had seen Dom since Friday night… triggering the most epic rescue mission of all time. Until we actually rang Dom’s mobile and discovered he was in London seeing Led Zep. Bastard.

3 nights running…

Tonight will be the 3rd night of consecutive drinking!

2 Xmas concerts… needed a drink after that, and off to Nic’s tonight I believe!

Still looking forward to a weekend of actual work though 🙁

Anyway, Christmas concerts were as crap as usual. Last night had less than half the seats filled, I recon there were less in the audience than in the performers put together! Why do they make us suffer every year?!

Still nothing from UCAS, although Edinburgh and Durham have sent me correspondence saying they basically won’t give offers until January… keep me waiting why don’t you!!!