York Interview

Just got back in from a fun day at York University, just had my interview for Computer Programming & Software Engineering!

The day was quite enlightening, they have brilliant facilities within the CS building, and they’re moving to the new site in 2010, when I’d be away on a sandwich year, but means I’d get my BEng and MEng years in brand new facilities! I wasn’t sure about the hardware part of the course before I went, but I’m fairly taken with it now!

Can’t say much for the other candidates, the ones I met were either over-the-top nerds, or drunks. The other CS students I met were nice though, Campus tour of all the bars went down well – even though they were closed!

Interview went quite well, I was able to get into some detail about my CP5 project for A2 Computing, which the guy seemed fairly interested at, so we shall wait and see!

Next up: Durham on Wednesday!

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