We’re all going on an Easter holiday

To sunny Skegness. Woop. (Note the sarcasm)

I’m being driven off to lovely skeggy for a week, returning next Saturday afternoon. Gale force winds and extremely low temperatures forecast, along with snow. Should be fun… ish!

I shall write and tell you all about it when I get back… if I’m not blown into the North sea!

Linux Adventure #2: Networking

Well, we all know that the main uses of a computer are:

  • MSN
  • Wikipedia
  • Porn

All of which require the internet. So obviously, my new Linux box (mLinux – I’ll explain some other time) must be connected to the internet! "No problem", thought I, "I’ll slap in that USB dongle I got ages ago and never use!"

So in went the Belkin Wireless G Adaptor (F5D7050), and up popped the "dysonHub" network! Score! Not quite…

Enter the password, and Ubuntu will connect fine, but absolutely nothing happens. No internet = no MSN, Wikipedia or Porn! Damn!

The adventure must be halted at this point – I must have internet to continue!

Linux Adventure #1: Installation

Step number one in my adventure on the road down Linux Lane went surprisingly easy!

Slapped in the shiny new Ubuntu 7.10 disk, and installed it with no problems. Probably is a good point to mention that the PC I’m using is an old machine with a 20.5Gb HDD that was liberated from a local primary school when they chucked it out. What a waste!

Anyway, the only error I got was the lack of internet connection for a system update, and something about commenting a line in a file :S Didn’t really understand that, I’m more of a GUI guy if I’m honest!

Next came the peripherals… Mouse and keyboard worked (obviously), and then I realised I only have 2 USB ports on the computer! Enter my trusty old Belkin Hub, which worked out of the box (read: dusty cupboard) and gladly accepted the mouse, my pen drive and the USB Network Card (discussed later)

Everything working so far, played a few games… everything’s hunky-dory!

Until the time came to start on t’internet…

Back from Barnswood

Been camping again, Barnswood this time, "running" the home base for the Cheshire Hike practice with McNetwork.

Not a lot of work, just a hell of a lot of lasagne. Lots of lasagne. 3 trays of it to be precise… we’ve been eating it for dinner and tea the past 3 days!

Was a fun weekend (besides the food :P), watching a few films, drinking. The usual!

Think the downfall of the weekend for me was fruit cocktails. Found a Margarita maker in Netto for £7 (basically a blender made out plastic) and then preceded to put fruit and booze into it. I thought it would be healthy – not deadly! Lesson learned.

Anyway, sleep time.

Waste of time

If anyone feels like they need to waste some time at school – I can
recommend ALIS tests. We sat another today, just as boring as the
last, but this one serves no purpose whatsoever! All it does is get
compiled and sent back to school! That was an hour I could have used
for doing homework!

Got another stupid tutorial tomorrow as well, finishing the reports we
already should have done! They wonder why we dont show up?!

Fools. I'll take the extra hour in bed thanks!

</3 Printers & Networks

I have officially fallen out with wireless networks over this weekend. Printer stopped doing network printing over this week, so decided to fix it yesterday afternoon. 3 hours later, nothing works any more. It turned into one of those projects which keeps getting further away from the true goal. I think XKCD summed it up pretty well!

Anyway, we decided to bite the bullet and get two new printers (one for me and one for sister). This way – I get to keep it when I go to uni 😛 Haha

Will be collecting it from Argos tomorrow afternoon! Then the installation fun begins!