Linux Adventure #2: Networking

Well, we all know that the main uses of a computer are:

  • MSN
  • Wikipedia
  • Porn

All of which require the internet. So obviously, my new Linux box (mLinux – I’ll explain some other time) must be connected to the internet! "No problem", thought I, "I’ll slap in that USB dongle I got ages ago and never use!"

So in went the Belkin Wireless G Adaptor (F5D7050), and up popped the "dysonHub" network! Score! Not quite…

Enter the password, and Ubuntu will connect fine, but absolutely nothing happens. No internet = no MSN, Wikipedia or Porn! Damn!

The adventure must be halted at this point – I must have internet to continue!

One thought on “Linux Adventure #2: Networking

  1. dyson! paul here reading your blogging, i had exactly that problem, which i fixed, but i can’t remember how.

    just to be helpful. hope you get porn soon.

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