Bought a Punto!

This is a bit of old news, but been rather busy recently!

Signed the relevant forms to sell the old Peugeot 307 off to a dealer in High Lane, and then went off to find myself a new car 😀

Found a nice Punto at the Hazel Grove garage – 1.2l W-reg with 43k on the clock, for £1,995 – absolute steal! Managed to talk them down by a further £100, and adding in service, MOT and tax (another £200 worth basically). Done deal!

This was all last week, rang up today to confirm collection tomorrow

"Just let me get the paperwork… erm yeah. Not been MOT’d, serviced or taxed yet, should be available next week"

"Bugger off, get it done by tomorrow or I’m claiming my insurance (£5.20 per day) back from you"

Anyway, phoned them back just now, and its been miraculously done in the last 3 hours! I’m collecting it at midday tomorrow 😀 Then off to the pub celebrating!

Damn… that means I’m on the J2O’s then… going to have to get used to them!

When will it end?!

This week is going to be another bad one!

Not got another free between now and Wednesday – including lunchtimes! They’re taken up from now until Friday with doing Battle of the Bands in school! Damn Music Tech!!

Got a Cub meeting at the fire station tonight, should be entertaining… for the Cubs! Group leaders meeting on Wednesday night as well.

Oh, and on top of that I’ve got school, homework, coursework, the usual crap! Goodbye week!

This week…

I’ve been busy.

Monday brought a Music Tech day, with people from Huddersfield Uni coming in to talk to us about their course basically. Then some practical workshops, which were a bit useful, but not very! Could have spent the day better by doing my coursework. Which brings me on to…

Tuesday. Tech coursework. Managed to get Task 5 pretty much complete, but I bet that Slim MT will butcher it tomorrow! Did some more work on my Task 1 (multitrack), trying to get vocals to sound good. Don’t think that’ll happen! Came home and did some Maths work, what fun!

Wednesday (Tomorrow/Today). Tech coursework. Hopefully will get Task 1 and 3 complete, and then work on 4. Fingers crossed I may finish the coursework part of the course! Probably some Maths/Computing when I get back.

Thursday. Driving lesson + maybe cinema in the afternoon (if I can afford it!). Need to try and get a hair cut as well!

Friday. All day Computing/Maths/Physics.

Saturday. Some sort of Network workshop. No idea what it is, but its region-organised – so probably a load of bollocks. Hopefully will end up in a pub though!

Sunday. Cheshire Hike base with McNetwork. Going to be a fun day – that’ll definitely end up in a pub!

Monday. In school for Computing probably.

And then its back to school

Goodbye holiday!