May Ball

Just woken up after a rather epic night at the May Ball. I expected it to be a bit more emotional, since it is the last time we’re going to see everyone, but as soon as the booze was flowing (at expensive rates!) I realised that wasn’t true 😛

Got a lift there in style (with Daves dad, same as for year 11 prom) and then Rick tried to emulate the prom some more by jumping into a bush… video’s will be up later!

Food was crap considering what we paid (£37, for a slab of chicken!), and the DJ wasn’t up to much at all!

Started calling in drinks from all kinds of people, got 2 free shots and at least 3 free cider’s from various people, including Mr Hughes – you legend! I really couldn’t afford much at £3.75 a pint! £3 for shots as well… more than twice the price you’ll pay around Poynton!

Anyway, got in at about 2am, after trying to put my key into a wall. Doors are hard to work after a night drinking! Bit worse for wear this morning, but nothing a bit of revision won’t fix! 19 days, 1 hour, 7 mins until I’m done with exams 😀 Woop!

No more school… ever!

I have finally left that horrible school they call ‘Poynton High’! Yay 😀

It’s a weird feeling, knowing that I’ll never have to go back to there for lessons, but I’ve waited long enough for this day to come!

We spent the day leaving our mark around the school (not graffiti, just some well placed pranks!), but I shall not post photo’s for fear of incriminating myself 😎 What fun!

Celebrated with a nice weekend chillaxing with mates, and a trip out to Kings on Friday night, where it turned out that most of our year (past and present) had as well!

Only regret – not getting one of the PHS leavers hoodies, I’d never been told about them 🙁 I’ll have to see if I can get one made up!


I need to get better at this blogging lark, no updates in nearly a month! 😮

I have just got back from completing my Music Tech coursework logs. If anyone from AQA happens to read this – they’re a waste of time! I’ve spent the last 2 days doing nothing but logs, and I bet they never get read. I hate examiners some times!

I’ve also got A2 exams next week. Eek! Maths C4 and Music Tech resit on Wednesday, and then Physics resit on Thursday. Can’t wait…

Still, on the bright side – 32 days left until my last exam 😀 Woop!