End of exams (roadtrip!)

Anyway, now that I’ve finished twittering, my life story over the last few weeks…

Had exams for a long looooong time back, but they’re finally over 😀 I had my last exam on Tuesday afternoon, and then went out drinking. Well, not straight away.

Myself, Dom and Taylor had been told in no uncertain terms that we had to go to Cheshire show, but we couldn’t get on the coach due to everyone else leaving whilst our exam was on. Problem. Me driving to Cheshire show (fast) after the exam – solution!

It all started well, plugged the GPS in and off we went. Passing through Didsbury (I think), Dom spots an off licence.

"OOOH! STOP! I’ll be 2 minutes"

And out he jumps, returning with what can only be described as a bucket of beer, and a six pack of cheap lager. Right, off we go.

Going along towards the M56 (not the quickest way, but the satnav told us to!), and we end up at a junction.

"Erm… M56 north or south?"

At this point, satnav battery dies, Dom is mid way through drinking from the bucket, and Taylor doesn’t have a clue what is going on. So I foolishly go North, bad choice.

I’ll omit the next part, due to large amounts of swearing etc etc.

We end up on the M56, 4 junctions north, but heading south. Gooooood! By this point, we have another 45 mins left to get there, and the queues are horrific. Ah well… more beers to be drunk by everyone but me.

Anyway, end on on the A556 going towards the show ground. The A556/M6 junction is a HUGE roundabout, and the show entrance was on the wrong side of a dual carriageway, on the same road as we entered the roundabout. So we queued right the way round. But first time – I missed the turning. So we went ALLLLL the way around again, after some rather dodgy manoeuvres including pulling a U-turn across 4 lanes of dual carriageway. Less said about that the better.

Right – so we’re now approaching the showground. By this time is is 4.25 – 5 mins until we’re PLAYING – actually ON STAGE! They’ve also reversed the traffic cordons, so we were pulling up behind police cars, asking nicely to be let round. 4.28 – we reach the site.

No clue where to park, so Dom & Taylor bail out half way across the site, I keep my head down. I have no idea how I came to be driving across the actual site, it’s usually locked down for all vehicles. I was pushing people aside with my bumper!!! Ended up ditching the car next to a toilet, and running before anyone found me.

We made it, just. To be honest, there wasn’t much point. I was shaking too much to play, Dom was hammered, and Taylor was half-way hammered as well. Ah well!

Getting back was a whole other story… for some other time!

Twittering away

In past, I’ve never really bothered with Twitter. Seemed to me like very few people I know use it, and hence it seemed rather pointless. Recently, I’ve changed my mind and started using it! I have 1 follower (mate of mine), but its like this blog – no-one may pay any attention, but its nice to talk!

www.twitter.com/WARlrus is the address, check it out if you’ve never heard of it before… its quite fun. Kind of like Facebook status’s, but you don’t have to be friends with people for it to work! There’s some really random ones, like the Mars Lander, and some more down to earth ones like BBC News. Pretty cool stuff, since you can have it texted to you for free!

I’m also posting all these blogs directly to my Facebook profile now, so maybe someone may start to read them… or maybe not?! We’ll see. The address of the blog, for anyone reading on Facebook is www.mattdyson.uni.cc or http://mattdyson.blogspot.com. Either will do!

On the subject of domain names, I’m looking to get my website back up and running, so I can have some development space available, and start distributing some free scripts, as well as selling myself (nothing dodgy) as a web developer! If anyone fancies donating me a domain and some hosting space, in return for advertising, then please get in touch with me – mattdyson2004 [ at ] gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you!

iPhone 3G – me want!

God bless you Steve Jobs, you never cease to amaze me with your new technology. New iPhone 3G was announced last night at WWDC, with some brand new features:

  • 3G (duh!) which actually seems to work at the same speeds as HSDPA(?) It is actually a HSDPA phone, according to Apples tech-specs – which makes it 3.5G!
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS, works with Wi-Fi and Cell tower to calculate positions faster)
  • 2.0 software (obviously!)
  • Also available in white!
  • Flush headphone jack
  • All-metal buttons
  • Better speakers

The 2.0 software looks good as well, can’t wait for some native games to come along!

The best thing of all – o2 offering free upgrades to existing customers! No contract termination fee, just pay for the new phone, sign up for a new 18 month contract, and you’re away!

I’ve already registered so that o2 will phone me up to set the ball rolling on these things in early July – I can’t wait!

Update: Just realised I’m away through most of early July – damnit.

Revision Dodging

Right now, I have 26 hours until my next exam (Computing CP4), yet I am sat blog posting! What a mistake-a to make-a!

Anyway, I’ve now done 5 exams, and have another 8 left to go. Only 13 days left though! They do like to cram these exams into a nice small space of time!

Since I’ve finished school, I’ve discovered PKR – a 3D poker game that you play from your computer over t’internet against other people. It’s quite addictive – and a very good waste of time! I came 112th out of 400 in a tournament last night, went all-in on a pair of Kings, the other bastard had a pair of Aces -.- Will be back in the tournament tonight, going to beat last nights record!

I’ve also discovered some more stuff, which I’ll post about later today.

Right, who wants a game of Monopoly?!