If we’re honest – the one word Obama is guaranteed to say in his speech is ‘change’. Here’s my plan. are offering odds of 1.03-to-1 on him saying it. Somehow, I manage to get a short term loan for a few thousand pounds. Bet this, pay off the loan straight away, walk away with the 3% (minus loan interest). Betting small amounts wouldn’t be worth it, but £1m equals £30k profit!

Anyone got a spare few million that I can borrow for a week?

Nuevasync update

Just been released! Provides support for multiple calendars on the phone (so they appear in different colours) and also for read-only ICAL files.

Well, that’s just put gCalCloud out of business! I shall be shelving the project tomorrow, but will post the source code for people to have a look at just how crap it was! Hehe

Anyway, cheers Nuevasync, you just saved me a project!


As part of my resolution to get using this blog some more, thought I’d invest in iBlogger – a iPhone application that’s actually quite professional! It’s on sale at the moment, down from £4.99 to £0.59 – well worth it!

Anyway, think it’s time I slept!

New website

You are probably viewing this having come from my brand new website – – if not, go there now!

Some people may remember the site from times of old, many years ago when it had a crummy layout, crummy code and crummy content. The content is arguably still crummy, but I think I’ve improved on the other two!

I hope to integrate this blog into the site more (the wonders of XML and PHP :-P) in the near future, rather than running two separate sites, however I will continue to use Blogger as an extremely able blogging platform!

My life

Well, its been a very long time since I posted here! Don’t believe I’ve written anything since I got back from Hungary even… that was a long time ago!

Upon getting back from Hungary, I’d heard from Durham that I’d been accepted into Van Mildert College, which has been my home for the last term. I moved in on October 4th, was consistently drunk for 10 weeks, and then moved back home in mid-December, having learnt not a lot – but having had a bloody good time! You can see why I’ve not had time for blogging!

Hungary was awesome if you were wondering, as was Summer Camp the week after – a good preparation for the ensuing mayhem at university!

I’ll try to post more on here as and when I remember, including some updates from Durham!

P.S. – Happy belated Christmas and New Year!