Talking to a Tesla through Google Home

The Google Home had the long awaited (at least by me!) UK release last week, and I was delighted to get my hands on one of the first. Since then I’ve gradually been linking it to more and more devices around my home (more blog posts on that subject to follow), but having played around with the Tesla API recently, I only had one integration on my mind! Sadly there’s nothing official that allows you to talk to your Tesla Model S or X through Google Home – although I hope something will be released in future – so I took it on myself to build something that would allow some basic back-and-forth conversations with my car.

While I’m continuing to work on the project, it’s now at the stage where hopefully others can expand and improve on it, so I’ve written up all the details on the TeslaVoice project page, and uploaded the associated files to GitHub.

2 thoughts on “Talking to a Tesla through Google Home

  1. Hi Matt

    I saw your piece on talking to a Tesla. voice activated commands would be a godsend for faster control and less taking eyes of the road! I see you did this through G Home @ home – but any chance of getting this on board the car? I have mod X…..

    I also notice you have Sony Bravia voice activated – I also have this TV and what you appear to be doing in smart voice and home commands sounds great.

    Can you do custom projects for to help me get these types of services set up?

    Thank you – Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      Unfortunately there’s currently no way of using the voice control within a Tesla to trigger external commands, so not a lot can be done with it unfortunately!

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