Monitoring Bitcoin with Nagios

I’ve recently resurrected an old Bitcoin wallet (mainly because the value has increased exponentially since I first was on the network 8 years ago!), and now run a Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) node locally. Fitting in with my OCD-esque habit of monitoring all the things, I felt the need for some Nagios integration!

While there are a few plugins out there for Ethereum, I couldn’t find an equivalent for the Bitcoin networks that allow you to monitor a local node – so I’ve created one!

The plugin is available on GitHub, any expansions/improvements/fixes would be very welcome!

2 thoughts on “Monitoring Bitcoin with Nagios

  1. Hi there,

    (I’m posting this here as I can’t comment on the FlightPi page). I’m planning and might see if I can build a FlightPi. I just need to ask whether it is possible to run the code just with the LCD Display and the Raspberry Pi? I just really want to display the aircraft on the LCD and have that showing. If you could reply, that would be great.

    Thank you!

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