Busy times

I really should get round to writing here more often!

Spent quite a lot of last night writing up a summative essay for Intro. to Management, a lot of bullshit went into it though! I’m currently procrastinating instead of walking the 40 minute round trip to hand it in. Really can’t be bothered!

48 hour production in college this weekend – and all the PA Committee ‘freshers’ are involved, I’ve just had an email saying I’m doing all the mixing for the band – joy of joys! Should be a fun weekend anyway, can see me being drunk for the majority of it though!

Also been told I’m ringing in another quarter with DUSCR next week, I think I’ve scored more this term than I’d done in the 8 years before uni!

Peace out…


As part of my resolution to get using this blog some more, thought I’d invest in iBlogger – a iPhone application that’s actually quite professional! It’s on sale at the moment, down from £4.99 to £0.59 – well worth it!

Anyway, think it’s time I slept!

New website

You are probably viewing this having come from my brand new website – http://www.mattdyson.uni.cc – if not, go there now!

Some people may remember the site from times of old, many years ago when it had a crummy layout, crummy code and crummy content. The content is arguably still crummy, but I think I’ve improved on the other two!

I hope to integrate this blog into the site more (the wonders of XML and PHP :-P) in the near future, rather than running two separate sites, however I will continue to use Blogger as an extremely able blogging platform!

My life

Well, its been a very long time since I posted here! Don’t believe I’ve written anything since I got back from Hungary even… that was a long time ago!

Upon getting back from Hungary, I’d heard from Durham that I’d been accepted into Van Mildert College, which has been my home for the last term. I moved in on October 4th, was consistently drunk for 10 weeks, and then moved back home in mid-December, having learnt not a lot – but having had a bloody good time! You can see why I’ve not had time for blogging!

Hungary was awesome if you were wondering, as was Summer Camp the week after – a good preparation for the ensuing mayhem at university!

I’ll try to post more on here as and when I remember, including some updates from Durham!

P.S. – Happy belated Christmas and New Year!

Twittering away

In past, I’ve never really bothered with Twitter. Seemed to me like very few people I know use it, and hence it seemed rather pointless. Recently, I’ve changed my mind and started using it! I have 1 follower (mate of mine), but its like this blog – no-one may pay any attention, but its nice to talk!

www.twitter.com/WARlrus is the address, check it out if you’ve never heard of it before… its quite fun. Kind of like Facebook status’s, but you don’t have to be friends with people for it to work! There’s some really random ones, like the Mars Lander, and some more down to earth ones like BBC News. Pretty cool stuff, since you can have it texted to you for free!

I’m also posting all these blogs directly to my Facebook profile now, so maybe someone may start to read them… or maybe not?! We’ll see. The address of the blog, for anyone reading on Facebook is www.mattdyson.uni.cc or http://mattdyson.blogspot.com. Either will do!

On the subject of domain names, I’m looking to get my website back up and running, so I can have some development space available, and start distributing some free scripts, as well as selling myself (nothing dodgy) as a web developer! If anyone fancies donating me a domain and some hosting space, in return for advertising, then please get in touch with me – mattdyson2004 [ at ] gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you!


I need to get better at this blogging lark, no updates in nearly a month! 😮

I have just got back from completing my Music Tech coursework logs. If anyone from AQA happens to read this – they’re a waste of time! I’ve spent the last 2 days doing nothing but logs, and I bet they never get read. I hate examiners some times!

I’ve also got A2 exams next week. Eek! Maths C4 and Music Tech resit on Wednesday, and then Physics resit on Thursday. Can’t wait…

Still, on the bright side – 32 days left until my last exam 😀 Woop!

Back to the blog

Morning all,

Decided to switch back to this blog from my wonderful (rofl) site since this requires less work, since my hands are full with FsPortal.

Expect further update-age later on… 😀

Ciao all xox

Not heard much?

Hi guys,

You’ve not heard a lot from me recently, because I’ve been waaaay too busy for you all 😀

I’ve just got this "Windows Live Writer" thingy… and thought I’d test it out on here!

Just to keep you all up to date, I’m back from Jambo, back from Summer camp, and back to school!

School seems rather depressing, since I still have the same amount of frees as last year, and still got all the bad teachers. Lovely.

Anywho, FsPortal is progressing well, over 90% completed at the moment, and I’m aiming to get it released this side of Christmas ;o

Thats enough excitement for now… catch you later!