Life at 23:38

Right now, nothing – NOTHING – is going my way.

Relative died today, wasn’t a huge shock, but still wasn’t really a nice thing to have. RIP.

Physics isn’t proving to be much of a laugh. Resits are now 1 month away – eek.

FsPortal is currently suffering due to all of this.

I’ve had to leave Bristol-ATC because of too much other personal stuff around.

I don’t think now is a good time to be me! Boy I can’t wait to actually escape Sixth Form and get away to do something I actually enjoy!

Die Live Mail Die

I’m beginning to regret installing Windows Live Mail Beta… merely for the fact that it nearly caused me a major heart attack last night.

Get off a Bristol-ATC session, think I’ll check my emails… Outlook Express isn’t there…

<Insert expletive here>

Neither are the files in /ApplicationData/

<Insert further expletive here>

Uninstalled WL Mail in the hope it would come back… nope

<Insert head-banging noise here>

Finally managed to find OE squirreled away in /Program Files/

<Insert screams of joy here>

I now have backups of EVERYTHING from OE, just because without it… I am nothing!

FsPortal Development

Wow, I amaze myself yet again.

Managed to complete a whole load of the structure for FsPortal in under a day! I now have a template system to work with, plus a lot of the SQL stuff laid down.

Just need to do the user class and complete SQL classes, and then I’m ready to start on the fun stuff!

I will keep you lovely people up to date… but right now a Bristol session is calling!

Work. Yay.

Don’t we all love work… actually got round to doing some this afternoon!

Got some Computing revision in before the exam on Tuesday (eep.)

Anywho, also did ATC on Bristol’s European Adventure at Rotterdam (FSX has some nice scenery of the town, I wish I’d been flying!) for a short while, and then came off to revise (boooo!)

Found a lovely piece of Software earlier… whilst looking for an Outlook alternative (I miss Outlook 2007 BETA like a… erm… think I miss a lot?):

Mozilla Sunbird

Yeah, hardly the most attractive title, but its a nice piece of software!

Unfortunatly, it’s not as nice looking as Outlook 07 (which did actually take my breath away), but it’ll do for now 😉 I’m going to look into new styles, and I’ll get back to you on that one!

Anyway, better go revise… and by revise I mean sit on MSN staring blankly at CP2 revision on the other monitor 😎

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome welcome, one and all… to my new blog!

This is only temporary while I find a host for my own site, but I thought I’d keep you up to date through this instead!

Well… an update on my life at the moment…

I’m right in the middle of AS exams (urgh) and should probably be revising right now… but what the hell!

I’m working on the Bristol-ATC Training site, their forum and the main site… basically doing everything web-based at the moment.

I’m not doing a lot else…

There’s my life, summed up in a few paragraphs! Expect more ramblings soon!