Summer stuff

Absolutely loving summer 😀 Even though I have a vast cash underflow situation at the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying being 18, and being able to partake in legal pub drinking at long last!

Spent a good 4 hours in the pub at lunch today, and I’m probably going back very soon! Do they do "Frequent Drinker" cards?!

Anyway, I’m getting A-level results in about 2 weeks, and flying out to Hungary the day after, which is absolutely guaranteed to be one giant piss-up. Woop 😀

Besides that, I’m filling the days and nights with various expeditions involving alcohol and fire (nothing illegal, just hilarious!) Various Scout camps and other stuff scattered through summer as well, and a week in Windermere working on my D of E at the end of summer. Never mentioned the other hike on this blog, will have to post about that some time soon

Anyway… the evening’s young, the weathers warm, and the beers are cold. Ciao!

End of exams (roadtrip!)

Anyway, now that I’ve finished twittering, my life story over the last few weeks…

Had exams for a long looooong time back, but they’re finally over 😀 I had my last exam on Tuesday afternoon, and then went out drinking. Well, not straight away.

Myself, Dom and Taylor had been told in no uncertain terms that we had to go to Cheshire show, but we couldn’t get on the coach due to everyone else leaving whilst our exam was on. Problem. Me driving to Cheshire show (fast) after the exam – solution!

It all started well, plugged the GPS in and off we went. Passing through Didsbury (I think), Dom spots an off licence.

"OOOH! STOP! I’ll be 2 minutes"

And out he jumps, returning with what can only be described as a bucket of beer, and a six pack of cheap lager. Right, off we go.

Going along towards the M56 (not the quickest way, but the satnav told us to!), and we end up at a junction.

"Erm… M56 north or south?"

At this point, satnav battery dies, Dom is mid way through drinking from the bucket, and Taylor doesn’t have a clue what is going on. So I foolishly go North, bad choice.

I’ll omit the next part, due to large amounts of swearing etc etc.

We end up on the M56, 4 junctions north, but heading south. Gooooood! By this point, we have another 45 mins left to get there, and the queues are horrific. Ah well… more beers to be drunk by everyone but me.

Anyway, end on on the A556 going towards the show ground. The A556/M6 junction is a HUGE roundabout, and the show entrance was on the wrong side of a dual carriageway, on the same road as we entered the roundabout. So we queued right the way round. But first time – I missed the turning. So we went ALLLLL the way around again, after some rather dodgy manoeuvres including pulling a U-turn across 4 lanes of dual carriageway. Less said about that the better.

Right – so we’re now approaching the showground. By this time is is 4.25 – 5 mins until we’re PLAYING – actually ON STAGE! They’ve also reversed the traffic cordons, so we were pulling up behind police cars, asking nicely to be let round. 4.28 – we reach the site.

No clue where to park, so Dom & Taylor bail out half way across the site, I keep my head down. I have no idea how I came to be driving across the actual site, it’s usually locked down for all vehicles. I was pushing people aside with my bumper!!! Ended up ditching the car next to a toilet, and running before anyone found me.

We made it, just. To be honest, there wasn’t much point. I was shaking too much to play, Dom was hammered, and Taylor was half-way hammered as well. Ah well!

Getting back was a whole other story… for some other time!

</3 Printers & Networks

I have officially fallen out with wireless networks over this weekend. Printer stopped doing network printing over this week, so decided to fix it yesterday afternoon. 3 hours later, nothing works any more. It turned into one of those projects which keeps getting further away from the true goal. I think XKCD summed it up pretty well!

Anyway, we decided to bite the bullet and get two new printers (one for me and one for sister). This way – I get to keep it when I go to uni 😛 Haha

Will be collecting it from Argos tomorrow afternoon! Then the installation fun begins!

Back from Kent – alive!

I made it back from Kent in one piece!

Journey went as follows… 18 hour day 😐

Up at 5.30 am, breakfast and then out to catch 6.23 train from Macclesfield. Train was on time (for a change), but it was cold 🙁

Underground from London Euston to Victoria at 8.50am, crammed onto the tube like a sardine, and I’m sure I had a businessman feeling me up!

Victoria to Canterbury West at 9.19am, arriving at 11.07. Taxi to the university, ripped me off! Cost about £7 for a 5 min journey!

Had a very nice day looking around the university – absolutely excellent facilities!

Bus + Walk back to Canterbury East, train to Victoria at 16.02. Victoria to Euston on the tube, crammed in even tighter this time. Had to throw myself out of the tube at Euston, wasn’t going to get out otherwise!

Caught an earlier train than expected, 18.35 to Macclesfield, supposed to be arriving at 20.20. Bad idea.

Firstly, couldn’t get a seat because the train was that packed. Ended up sat on the jumpseat outside the toilet, although I was well off – most people were sat on the floor! Anyway, I tucked into my Sausage Roll and Apple Pastry, bought from Euston station for £3.95 – what a freaking rip off! They both tasted the same as well, and I think I caught a disease off the Sausage!

Here’s where the fun really began… train suddenly stopped, and stayed stopped for about 20 minutes. No word from driver, and none of the "Train Managers" were about, they’d gone into hiding/bailed out. We finally start moving (slowly) when the driver comes on the intercom:

"Errrr, we’ve been diverted off the West Coast Mainline, due to errrmmm. We’ll be about 1 hour late into Stoke-on-trent"

Brilliant, thought I.

Then managed to find a member of staff…

"We’ve been diverted through Birmingham, but we’re last priority now, so we could be here for a while, probably 90 mins late"

Bloody brilliant, thought I.

Anyway, arrived at Stoke late, and then Macclesfield at 21.20, an hour late. No compensation either, not allowed to claim unless I’m more than 2 hours delayed. Its a freaking joke.

Moral of this story:

  • Don’t go to Kent on the train
  • If you must go to Kent on the train – don’t go with Virgin

Bed at 10.30 – 18 hour day. I’m still recovering!

Fun night

You’ve got to love the snow! Ended up on Chester Road at 11.30pm last night, throwing snowballs across the road at each other, after a nice session at Ricks! Haha 😀

Got to bed about half 4 (crammed in a 2 person bed with 3 other people… how does that work?!), and got to sleep about half five. Up again at half eight for bacon butties.

I’ll sleep well tonight!

Friday night

Well I had fun. Woke up with:

  • Sprained ankle
  • Bleeding eye (literally)
  • Cuts & Bruises all over my legs
  • Large hangover

Not a nice way to spend a Saturday!

Also, suddenly realised this morning that no-one had seen Dom since Friday night… triggering the most epic rescue mission of all time. Until we actually rang Dom’s mobile and discovered he was in London seeing Led Zep. Bastard.