Slowly coming round to the fact that I don’t have a ruddy clue about most of the Physics course. Damn.

Looks like the next couple of days are not going to be fun… I bloody hate Winslow and Jackson.

Maths C2 seems to be coming along a bit better fortunately, so *finger crossed* that should go fine!


Got back yesterday from a nice weekend camping with Scout Network.

There is definitly something to be said for having a rave in a marquee at 2am! Absolutely brilliant weekend, but I’m knackered now!

Anyway, getting back into the swing of revision tomorrow, since I do have a 2 Physics exams and a Maths exam in about 9 days 😐 Not good!

Spent a lot of today working on the Bristol-ATC forum, added some new stuff onto it for a change!

Came home from camp to find a LOAD of robot posts on the forum, advertising some porn. Clicking on the links, however, (don’t ask why I did it 8-]) installed a lovely virus on your computer. Luckily I wasn’t stupid enough to run the file, but just be on the lookout!

Welcome to the new blog!

Welcome welcome, one and all… to my new blog!

This is only temporary while I find a host for my own site, but I thought I’d keep you up to date through this instead!

Well… an update on my life at the moment…

I’m right in the middle of AS exams (urgh) and should probably be revising right now… but what the hell!

I’m working on the Bristol-ATC Training site, their forum and the main site… basically doing everything web-based at the moment.

I’m not doing a lot else…

There’s my life, summed up in a few paragraphs! Expect more ramblings soon!