Twittering away

In past, I’ve never really bothered with Twitter. Seemed to me like very few people I know use it, and hence it seemed rather pointless. Recently, I’ve changed my mind and started using it! I have 1 follower (mate of mine), but its like this blog – no-one may pay any attention, but its nice to talk! is the address, check it out if you’ve never heard of it before… its quite fun. Kind of like Facebook status’s, but you don’t have to be friends with people for it to work! There’s some really random ones, like the Mars Lander, and some more down to earth ones like BBC News. Pretty cool stuff, since you can have it texted to you for free!

I’m also posting all these blogs directly to my Facebook profile now, so maybe someone may start to read them… or maybe not?! We’ll see. The address of the blog, for anyone reading on Facebook is or Either will do!

On the subject of domain names, I’m looking to get my website back up and running, so I can have some development space available, and start distributing some free scripts, as well as selling myself (nothing dodgy) as a web developer! If anyone fancies donating me a domain and some hosting space, in return for advertising, then please get in touch with me – mattdyson2004 [ at ] – I’d love to hear from you!


Moved away from the terrible MySpace, and into the light! I got a Facebook account!!! if you fancy adding me 😀

Anyway, didn’t do a lot today. Got a bit of Physics revision done. I say revision, I actually mean “I taught myself part of the course”. Damn you Winslow & Jackson.