Xmas Greetings

Got a nice Christmas present from some script-kiddie this weekend – a nice attack against FsPortal! This little moron thought it would be funny to post 800 stupid messages on the forum… I guess he must be the alpha-male within the circles of retards – I only hope that natural selection takes its course and this particular branch of society dies out quickly!

Anyway, I won’t be around much over the next week or so – managed to get myself into quite a lot of debt recently, and hence need to earn the money back!

Seasons greetings to everyone, hope you get everything you wish for and more!

Life at 23:38

Right now, nothing – NOTHING – is going my way.

Relative died today, wasn’t a huge shock, but still wasn’t really a nice thing to have. RIP.

Physics isn’t proving to be much of a laugh. Resits are now 1 month away – eek.

FsPortal is currently suffering due to all of this.

I’ve had to leave Bristol-ATC because of too much other personal stuff around.

I don’t think now is a good time to be me! Boy I can’t wait to actually escape Sixth Form and get away to do something I actually enjoy!

FsPortal Launch!

You have heard sod all from me over the past couple of weeks, mainly because I’ve been working so hard getting FsPortal up and running!

I’m proud to announce that the site went live at 12 midday on the 20th October. Another weight off my mind!

Now just looking forward to maintaining the bugger… damn!

Wasted weekend

And not in the sense that I was wasted.

Spent all of Saturday doing Maths homework, and then all of Sunday doing various bits of coursework. I think its fair to say that I’m pretty peeved.

FsPortal is nearing release, only 27.5 days left until it gets unveiled to the public… and yet I can’t spend my time on it!!! I’m losing out on revenue! And you know I need the money if I’m to get my hands on one of those iPhones. Damn you Steve Jobs.

Anywho… back to the same old monotony for another 7 days. I may just have to start a countdown until I leave this awful school and finally start to live again.

Still… 21 days until Family Guy, and a few less until Halflife 2: Ep2 (which I have ordered 😀 Before I realised I needed the money elsewhere 🙁 Ah well)

I have a fairly crap day at school tomorrow. 2*Physics, 1*Maths and 1*Tech. Probably no blog tomorrow… will be too busy screaming into pillows. Seems to be a regular occurrence now. Who the hell is responsible for this timetable?!?!?!

My Day

Now the HL2 rant is over… more about me 😀

My day was crap! Started off with a couple of okay Music Tech lessons, went downhill with Computing theory, and then double Maths finished me off.

I actually came home and screamed into a pillow at the end. 2 * Maths just isn’t meant to happen.

Fortunately, it only happens until middle of October, when I get to go and sit in with Year 12 lessons. Whoopee. Plus Taylor is now threatening to join them as well. Whoopee * 2.

(I know its hard to tell sarcasm over the net. So here’s a hint. That was sarcasm -.-)

Anyway, got home, lost my Clarinet (hoping its somewhere in Music… fingers crossed), found out that I killed the FsPortal server already (not really… but you know!) and then played HL (see earlier post).

Now I’m off to bed, just to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

Should I start counting down the days until I am released from the horrors of college? May be sad enough to work it out one lesson…


And I’m finding out the hard way!

Thanks to Dan Munn who suggested that I should try learning some PERL in order to get a better upload script for FsPortal. "How easy", thought I, "PERL can’t be that different from PHP!"

First glances… it ain’t too bad, but once I started getting into it… OUCH!

Managed to find a ready made script that does uploads… but now haven’t the foggiest where to adapt it, add my validation and then insert it into the database! Ohhh dear…

If any reader has some idea how PERL works, and fancies helping me out – please get in touch!

I’m thinking of just making the PERL script redirect to the safety of PHP once the upload is done… but this may not be feasible! Help!

Anyway, besides that… FsPortal is nearly complete 😀 I’m nearing 100% on my progress bar, with just a couple of tweaks to make before it is released.

Oh, and we publicly announced the release date yesterday…

20th October

Put it in your diaries – you have to be there… its going to be the biggest and best Flight Simulator event ever!

FsPortal Progress

You’ll all be pleased to here (well… someone might be interested!) that FsPortal is nearing its final stages of development!

I am just working on a few areas of the site, and then we’re ready for release!

Expect a date for R-Day very very shortly!

Not heard much?

Hi guys,

You’ve not heard a lot from me recently, because I’ve been waaaay too busy for you all 😀

I’ve just got this "Windows Live Writer" thingy… and thought I’d test it out on here!

Just to keep you all up to date, I’m back from Jambo, back from Summer camp, and back to school!

School seems rather depressing, since I still have the same amount of frees as last year, and still got all the bad teachers. Lovely.

Anywho, FsPortal is progressing well, over 90% completed at the moment, and I’m aiming to get it released this side of Christmas ;o

Thats enough excitement for now… catch you later!

Jambo!!! (Hello….)

Just back from another thrilling weekend away with the contingent!

Now regretting sharing tent with Lloyd… sweaty minger!!! 😛 Ah well!

Probably should be using these precious hours to get sleep, but instead I’m sat up working on FsPortal. Commitment!!!! I hope you hear this Ryan Jackson!!!

Anyway, FsP is progressing well… starting to think up dates etc for the launch soon! Yaay!

So sign up on the forum, all our forum users will get a special prize when the main site gets released! 😮

FsPortal Development

Wow, I amaze myself yet again.

Managed to complete a whole load of the structure for FsPortal in under a day! I now have a template system to work with, plus a lot of the SQL stuff laid down.

Just need to do the user class and complete SQL classes, and then I’m ready to start on the fun stuff!

I will keep you lovely people up to date… but right now a Bristol session is calling!