End of an era

Well, haven’t the last three years flown by! I am now officially a graduate of Durham University, having gained myself a 2:2 in Software Engineering. Matthew Dyson BSc (Hons) (Dunelm) does look rather good 😛 It was quite sad to wave goodbye to Durham for the last ever time (as a student, no doubt I’ll be back soon, having witnessed the carnage at the alumni weekend this time around!), and I’m starting to get a bit nervous about going off into the real world! I’m not ready to finish with the student lifestyle yet!

After a rather mad few days of interviews a month or so ago, I have been offered a job as a Technical Account Manager at OpenMarket Inc, and have since accepted – I’ll be starting with them in early September, and have now got the unenviable task of finding myself an affordable place to live in Chiswick, London. Eeek. I’m hoping to head down there next week to have a browse around some houses, we will see what happens…

Before all that, however, I’ve got to get myself sorted for the Jamboree in Sweden. I’ll be travelling out a week on Tuesday (that crept up fast!), and spending a couple of days as a tourist before turning up on site early to be part of the ‘build team’, and then spending my time during the Jamboree itself as part of the International Service Team – not got a clue what I’ll be doing yet!

Might actually get time to breathe after all that is sorted out… The nice relaxing summer I’d imagined isn’t really working out!

IST 2011

Heard back about my IST application last week – I got on!

This means I’ll be jetting off to Sweden next summer for 2 weeks of sleep deprivation and hard work, but hopefully will get a good laugh out of it!

Waiting to get the various forms and information though (should be waiting for me by the time I get home), and now really looking forward to the meetup weekend in July with the rest of the UK IST team, should be an awesome weekend.


Got back in at 2am Monday morning from "Chateau du Molay", a large prison-cum-stately home in France.

I’m bloody knackered.

18 hours to get there, and another 18 hours back, all for 24 hours of actual time there, most of which I spent sleeping!

Ah well… at least I got to see everyone from the Jambo unit again!!!

Not heard much?

Hi guys,

You’ve not heard a lot from me recently, because I’ve been waaaay too busy for you all 😀

I’ve just got this "Windows Live Writer" thingy… and thought I’d test it out on here!

Just to keep you all up to date, I’m back from Jambo, back from Summer camp, and back to school!

School seems rather depressing, since I still have the same amount of frees as last year, and still got all the bad teachers. Lovely.

Anywho, FsPortal is progressing well, over 90% completed at the moment, and I’m aiming to get it released this side of Christmas ;o

Thats enough excitement for now… catch you later!

Jambo!!! (Hello….)

Just back from another thrilling weekend away with the contingent!

Now regretting sharing tent with Lloyd… sweaty minger!!! 😛 Ah well!

Probably should be using these precious hours to get sleep, but instead I’m sat up working on FsPortal. Commitment!!!! I hope you hear this Ryan Jackson!!!

Anyway, FsP is progressing well… starting to think up dates etc for the launch soon! Yaay!

So sign up on the forum, all our forum users will get a special prize when the main site gets released! 😮