Die Live Mail Die

I’m beginning to regret installing Windows Live Mail Beta… merely for the fact that it nearly caused me a major heart attack last night.

Get off a Bristol-ATC session, think I’ll check my emails… Outlook Express isn’t there…

<Insert expletive here>

Neither are the files in /ApplicationData/

<Insert further expletive here>

Uninstalled WL Mail in the hope it would come back… nope

<Insert head-banging noise here>

Finally managed to find OE squirreled away in /Program Files/

<Insert screams of joy here>

I now have backups of EVERYTHING from OE, just because without it… I am nothing!

Not heard much?

Hi guys,

You’ve not heard a lot from me recently, because I’ve been waaaay too busy for you all 😀

I’ve just got this "Windows Live Writer" thingy… and thought I’d test it out on here!

Just to keep you all up to date, I’m back from Jambo, back from Summer camp, and back to school!

School seems rather depressing, since I still have the same amount of frees as last year, and still got all the bad teachers. Lovely.

Anywho, FsPortal is progressing well, over 90% completed at the moment, and I’m aiming to get it released this side of Christmas ;o

Thats enough excitement for now… catch you later!

Safari on Windows

Hasn’t Mr Jobs just shot himself in the foot?

He always bangs on about how “crap” Microsoft is… but now decides to release a version of his browsers for Windows…


Still… if you can’t beat them – join them 😀