I need to get better at this blogging lark, no updates in nearly a month! 😮

I have just got back from completing my Music Tech coursework logs. If anyone from AQA happens to read this – they’re a waste of time! I’ve spent the last 2 days doing nothing but logs, and I bet they never get read. I hate examiners some times!

I’ve also got A2 exams next week. Eek! Maths C4 and Music Tech resit on Wednesday, and then Physics resit on Thursday. Can’t wait…

Still, on the bright side – 32 days left until my last exam 😀 Woop!

When will it end?!

This week is going to be another bad one!

Not got another free between now and Wednesday – including lunchtimes! They’re taken up from now until Friday with doing Battle of the Bands in school! Damn Music Tech!!

Got a Cub meeting at the fire station tonight, should be entertaining… for the Cubs! Group leaders meeting on Wednesday night as well.

Oh, and on top of that I’ve got school, homework, coursework, the usual crap! Goodbye week!

Musical Tastes

Rather disturbed at my own musical tastes at the moment:

Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This – He Don’t Love You Like I Love You

And I’m enjoying… catchy lyrics, and he’s got a pretty good voice. I’m sure this is Music Tech eating me from the inside out!

Someone kill me or make me do something manly – QUICK!

Food poisoning – Tech style

So here’s the story so far:

Had Music Tech period 3 today, right before lunch. We happened to have a bass set up and mic-ed with 20 mins to run before lunch, and no-one was using them… so in I jump!

Get Ric on the bass, and started recording for one of my coursework pieces. 20 mins later we’re just getting into it, so Dom goes off down to poynton pantry and returns with a cheeseburger for me. "Excellent!" I thought, "No need to go out for lunch, just carry on recording!".

Then I started on the burger in question. Safe to say it tasted rather crap. In fact, I’m pretty sure crap was one of the main ingredients. However, I ate it anyway.

Get to Maths period 4, and slowly but surely I start feeling immensely ill. Not even a little bit, utterly and completely ill. Like said crap is eating my insides.

Managed not to puke on my book, and now I’m home writing this.

Now… do I take tomorrow off school and miss a lot of work, or go in and hope to hell I don’t hurl on a teacher?!