The never ending list

Or more specifically – the never ending list of things to do that seems to dictate my life more than I do.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve watched said list grow and grow as my department shoved more and more assignment deadlines towards me, and watched the things I really want to do get moved gradually towards the bottom. This term has been a rather bumpy ride in terms of deadlines, assignments and exams – and I’m told it’s downhill from here! I’ll write some follow up posts soon showing off what I’ve achieved in creating recently (I’m actually proud of some of it!).

The happiest moment of my life occurred last week, when said list of ‘essentials’ finally reached zero, when the final assignment had been sent to the abyss that is known as ‘DUO’, and the end of term benchtest was over. I’m told that after spending a night out marking this occasion, I was heard celebrating in my room… Which involves me yelling a lot, before your minds jumped elsewhere!

Anyway – I get home, having promised myself a fortnight to enjoy Christmas before getting stuck down to work, and I find myself unable to even get started on that list of ‘want to do’ items. Congratulations to the CompSci department – they’ve killed my work ethic even for things that I enjoy!

Revision Dodging

Right now, I have 26 hours until my next exam (Computing CP4), yet I am sat blog posting! What a mistake-a to make-a!

Anyway, I’ve now done 5 exams, and have another 8 left to go. Only 13 days left though! They do like to cram these exams into a nice small space of time!

Since I’ve finished school, I’ve discovered PKR – a 3D poker game that you play from your computer over t’internet against other people. It’s quite addictive – and a very good waste of time! I came 112th out of 400 in a tournament last night, went all-in on a pair of Kings, the other bastard had a pair of Aces -.- Will be back in the tournament tonight, going to beat last nights record!

I’ve also discovered some more stuff, which I’ll post about later today.

Right, who wants a game of Monopoly?!

May Ball

Just woken up after a rather epic night at the May Ball. I expected it to be a bit more emotional, since it is the last time we’re going to see everyone, but as soon as the booze was flowing (at expensive rates!) I realised that wasn’t true 😛

Got a lift there in style (with Daves dad, same as for year 11 prom) and then Rick tried to emulate the prom some more by jumping into a bush… video’s will be up later!

Food was crap considering what we paid (£37, for a slab of chicken!), and the DJ wasn’t up to much at all!

Started calling in drinks from all kinds of people, got 2 free shots and at least 3 free cider’s from various people, including Mr Hughes – you legend! I really couldn’t afford much at £3.75 a pint! £3 for shots as well… more than twice the price you’ll pay around Poynton!

Anyway, got in at about 2am, after trying to put my key into a wall. Doors are hard to work after a night drinking! Bit worse for wear this morning, but nothing a bit of revision won’t fix! 19 days, 1 hour, 7 mins until I’m done with exams 😀 Woop!


I need to get better at this blogging lark, no updates in nearly a month! 😮

I have just got back from completing my Music Tech coursework logs. If anyone from AQA happens to read this – they’re a waste of time! I’ve spent the last 2 days doing nothing but logs, and I bet they never get read. I hate examiners some times!

I’ve also got A2 exams next week. Eek! Maths C4 and Music Tech resit on Wednesday, and then Physics resit on Thursday. Can’t wait…

Still, on the bright side – 32 days left until my last exam 😀 Woop!

Bought a Punto!

This is a bit of old news, but been rather busy recently!

Signed the relevant forms to sell the old Peugeot 307 off to a dealer in High Lane, and then went off to find myself a new car 😀

Found a nice Punto at the Hazel Grove garage – 1.2l W-reg with 43k on the clock, for £1,995 – absolute steal! Managed to talk them down by a further £100, and adding in service, MOT and tax (another £200 worth basically). Done deal!

This was all last week, rang up today to confirm collection tomorrow

"Just let me get the paperwork… erm yeah. Not been MOT’d, serviced or taxed yet, should be available next week"

"Bugger off, get it done by tomorrow or I’m claiming my insurance (£5.20 per day) back from you"

Anyway, phoned them back just now, and its been miraculously done in the last 3 hours! I’m collecting it at midday tomorrow 😀 Then off to the pub celebrating!

Damn… that means I’m on the J2O’s then… going to have to get used to them!

When will it end?!

This week is going to be another bad one!

Not got another free between now and Wednesday – including lunchtimes! They’re taken up from now until Friday with doing Battle of the Bands in school! Damn Music Tech!!

Got a Cub meeting at the fire station tonight, should be entertaining… for the Cubs! Group leaders meeting on Wednesday night as well.

Oh, and on top of that I’ve got school, homework, coursework, the usual crap! Goodbye week!

Back from Kent – alive!

I made it back from Kent in one piece!

Journey went as follows… 18 hour day 😐

Up at 5.30 am, breakfast and then out to catch 6.23 train from Macclesfield. Train was on time (for a change), but it was cold 🙁

Underground from London Euston to Victoria at 8.50am, crammed onto the tube like a sardine, and I’m sure I had a businessman feeling me up!

Victoria to Canterbury West at 9.19am, arriving at 11.07. Taxi to the university, ripped me off! Cost about £7 for a 5 min journey!

Had a very nice day looking around the university – absolutely excellent facilities!

Bus + Walk back to Canterbury East, train to Victoria at 16.02. Victoria to Euston on the tube, crammed in even tighter this time. Had to throw myself out of the tube at Euston, wasn’t going to get out otherwise!

Caught an earlier train than expected, 18.35 to Macclesfield, supposed to be arriving at 20.20. Bad idea.

Firstly, couldn’t get a seat because the train was that packed. Ended up sat on the jumpseat outside the toilet, although I was well off – most people were sat on the floor! Anyway, I tucked into my Sausage Roll and Apple Pastry, bought from Euston station for £3.95 – what a freaking rip off! They both tasted the same as well, and I think I caught a disease off the Sausage!

Here’s where the fun really began… train suddenly stopped, and stayed stopped for about 20 minutes. No word from driver, and none of the "Train Managers" were about, they’d gone into hiding/bailed out. We finally start moving (slowly) when the driver comes on the intercom:

"Errrr, we’ve been diverted off the West Coast Mainline, due to errrmmm. We’ll be about 1 hour late into Stoke-on-trent"

Brilliant, thought I.

Then managed to find a member of staff…

"We’ve been diverted through Birmingham, but we’re last priority now, so we could be here for a while, probably 90 mins late"

Bloody brilliant, thought I.

Anyway, arrived at Stoke late, and then Macclesfield at 21.20, an hour late. No compensation either, not allowed to claim unless I’m more than 2 hours delayed. Its a freaking joke.

Moral of this story:

  • Don’t go to Kent on the train
  • If you must go to Kent on the train – don’t go with Virgin

Bed at 10.30 – 18 hour day. I’m still recovering!

Fun night

You’ve got to love the snow! Ended up on Chester Road at 11.30pm last night, throwing snowballs across the road at each other, after a nice session at Ricks! Haha 😀

Got to bed about half 4 (crammed in a 2 person bed with 3 other people… how does that work?!), and got to sleep about half five. Up again at half eight for bacon butties.

I’ll sleep well tonight!