Twit2MSN Version 1.2

I’ve dedicated this evening to getting the new version of my Twitter/MSN integration script working – and I am pleased to announce that it is now out of the door and in the hands of the good people at Messenger+.

The details on the update can be found on the project page, with the changelog, download details, and the source code.

My next project will be doing some more work on the website, adding my own blogging system rather than using Blogger (so I can host comments etc), as well as releasing fbCal into the wild.

Might do some revision as well at some point… would be good if I did pass my first year!

UPDATE: Oops! That’ll teach me for seeding out updates at odd hours of the morning! The latest version is now 1.2.1, fixing the bug causing the script to not start the updating process. New script has been sent for approval – hopefully 1.2 will never be released into the database if the update is seen in time!

Revision Dodging

Right now, I have 26 hours until my next exam (Computing CP4), yet I am sat blog posting! What a mistake-a to make-a!

Anyway, I’ve now done 5 exams, and have another 8 left to go. Only 13 days left though! They do like to cram these exams into a nice small space of time!

Since I’ve finished school, I’ve discovered PKR – a 3D poker game that you play from your computer over t’internet against other people. It’s quite addictive – and a very good waste of time! I came 112th out of 400 in a tournament last night, went all-in on a pair of Kings, the other bastard had a pair of Aces -.- Will be back in the tournament tonight, going to beat last nights record!

I’ve also discovered some more stuff, which I’ll post about later today.

Right, who wants a game of Monopoly?!

May Ball

Just woken up after a rather epic night at the May Ball. I expected it to be a bit more emotional, since it is the last time we’re going to see everyone, but as soon as the booze was flowing (at expensive rates!) I realised that wasn’t true 😛

Got a lift there in style (with Daves dad, same as for year 11 prom) and then Rick tried to emulate the prom some more by jumping into a bush… video’s will be up later!

Food was crap considering what we paid (£37, for a slab of chicken!), and the DJ wasn’t up to much at all!

Started calling in drinks from all kinds of people, got 2 free shots and at least 3 free cider’s from various people, including Mr Hughes – you legend! I really couldn’t afford much at £3.75 a pint! £3 for shots as well… more than twice the price you’ll pay around Poynton!

Anyway, got in at about 2am, after trying to put my key into a wall. Doors are hard to work after a night drinking! Bit worse for wear this morning, but nothing a bit of revision won’t fix! 19 days, 1 hour, 7 mins until I’m done with exams 😀 Woop!

This week…

I’ve been busy.

Monday brought a Music Tech day, with people from Huddersfield Uni coming in to talk to us about their course basically. Then some practical workshops, which were a bit useful, but not very! Could have spent the day better by doing my coursework. Which brings me on to…

Tuesday. Tech coursework. Managed to get Task 5 pretty much complete, but I bet that Slim MT will butcher it tomorrow! Did some more work on my Task 1 (multitrack), trying to get vocals to sound good. Don’t think that’ll happen! Came home and did some Maths work, what fun!

Wednesday (Tomorrow/Today). Tech coursework. Hopefully will get Task 1 and 3 complete, and then work on 4. Fingers crossed I may finish the coursework part of the course! Probably some Maths/Computing when I get back.

Thursday. Driving lesson + maybe cinema in the afternoon (if I can afford it!). Need to try and get a hair cut as well!

Friday. All day Computing/Maths/Physics.

Saturday. Some sort of Network workshop. No idea what it is, but its region-organised – so probably a load of bollocks. Hopefully will end up in a pub though!

Sunday. Cheshire Hike base with McNetwork. Going to be a fun day – that’ll definitely end up in a pub!

Monday. In school for Computing probably.

And then its back to school

Goodbye holiday!


May sound dirty… look it up!

Really don’t know how I can put off Physics revision much longer… I want to do it, but don’t know how!

Found a Physics tutor, friend of the family… hopefully will improve my grades for the exam this time around!

Did the Maths mock during my free day (what a way to spend it…), found it incredibly hard!

Anyone found a way to freeze time yet?


Moved away from the terrible MySpace, and into the light! I got a Facebook account!!! if you fancy adding me 😀

Anyway, didn’t do a lot today. Got a bit of Physics revision done. I say revision, I actually mean “I taught myself part of the course”. Damn you Winslow & Jackson.


Got back yesterday from a nice weekend camping with Scout Network.

There is definitly something to be said for having a rave in a marquee at 2am! Absolutely brilliant weekend, but I’m knackered now!

Anyway, getting back into the swing of revision tomorrow, since I do have a 2 Physics exams and a Maths exam in about 9 days 😐 Not good!

Spent a lot of today working on the Bristol-ATC forum, added some new stuff onto it for a change!

Came home from camp to find a LOAD of robot posts on the forum, advertising some porn. Clicking on the links, however, (don’t ask why I did it 8-]) installed a lovely virus on your computer. Luckily I wasn’t stupid enough to run the file, but just be on the lookout!

Work. Yay.

Don’t we all love work… actually got round to doing some this afternoon!

Got some Computing revision in before the exam on Tuesday (eep.)

Anywho, also did ATC on Bristol’s European Adventure at Rotterdam (FSX has some nice scenery of the town, I wish I’d been flying!) for a short while, and then came off to revise (boooo!)

Found a lovely piece of Software earlier… whilst looking for an Outlook alternative (I miss Outlook 2007 BETA like a… erm… think I miss a lot?):

Mozilla Sunbird

Yeah, hardly the most attractive title, but its a nice piece of software!

Unfortunatly, it’s not as nice looking as Outlook 07 (which did actually take my breath away), but it’ll do for now 😉 I’m going to look into new styles, and I’ll get back to you on that one!

Anyway, better go revise… and by revise I mean sit on MSN staring blankly at CP2 revision on the other monitor 😎