Off to Italy…

… back in 3 weeks!

Heading out tomorrow morning (at the airport for 5am :’-[) to fly to Pisa, couple of days getting used to the weather then travelling down the coast to Rome by whatever means possible, hopefully achieving our Explorer Belt!

I’m going to try and keep a diary of what we do each day, then post on here when I get back. However we may end up too lost/drunk/dead to actually bother writing!

Anyway – see you all in 3 weeks!

P.S. Twit2MSN V1.3 now released – should appear in the database some time whilst I’m away!

Twit2MSN Version 1.3a

I’m pleased to announce that work on the next iteration of Twit2MSN is well under way, with a couple of the major issues already addressed, and hopefully all of the high/critical priority issues being sorted for the final version.

For a preview (alpha status), you can download the appropriate files from and then compile into a .plsc file as described in the Messenger+ scripting API.

I’m looking for a dedicated bunch of beta testers – drop me a email if you’re interested!

Twit2MSN Version 1.2

I’ve dedicated this evening to getting the new version of my Twitter/MSN integration script working – and I am pleased to announce that it is now out of the door and in the hands of the good people at Messenger+.

The details on the update can be found on the project page, with the changelog, download details, and the source code.

My next project will be doing some more work on the website, adding my own blogging system rather than using Blogger (so I can host comments etc), as well as releasing fbCal into the wild.

Might do some revision as well at some point… would be good if I did pass my first year!

UPDATE: Oops! That’ll teach me for seeding out updates at odd hours of the morning! The latest version is now 1.2.1, fixing the bug causing the script to not start the updating process. New script has been sent for approval – hopefully 1.2 will never be released into the database if the update is seen in time!