Site upgrades

Found time this afternoon to make a couple of quick upgrades to the website 😀

The ‘blog’ link will no longer go straight to blogger, but will instead parse the feed within my own site. I’ve also removed all the nasty characters (I think) that the RSS feed seems to put in, but I’m still having trouble with the actual styling of some posts, apparently ones that come from my phone! I’ve also not quite finished a way of viewing older posts, that should be here soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for more stuff soon!


Yeah, finally sinking in as I sink another pint!!

I’m going to university to start life on my own, and there’s only about a month and a bit left until I do! Now that’s a scary thought!

You know what, I actually can’t wait 🙂

So there’s the aftershock – and now let’s have some aftershock 😛 Heres to the next 5 years!

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Computing – A
Physics – B
Maths – B
Music Tech – C

Absolutely over the moon! Thought I’d be off to Kent, but then got a letter through from Durham saying I’d got in! Awesome!

Anyway, waiting to hear what college I’m in at Durham in the next day or so, and then it’s time to start preparing!

Off to Hungary tomorrow though, but for now – drinking time!

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In 24 hours I will have some A level results, and 12 hours after that I’ll be on a plane to Hungary! What a busy life!

Hungary should be good, going with people from Cheshire Network. Lots of drinking while it’s nice and cheap 😛

Once I’m back from that, it’s off to Windermere for a week for another summer camp. Again, should be very good! 3 day hike in the middle though, which won’t be as fun! Ah well!

Better get packing, as you know from the last post I’m not doing too well!

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Works well!

Well, this seems to work alright! Only improvement I’d like to see is the inclusion of categories for Blogger, but I’m rather pleased this is a free app!

Hopefully you’ll see some more posts coming from me, as I can now blog whenever I have spare time, rather than just when I’m at the PC.

One other thing I’ve just noticed about this app -the keyboard has a slight bit of lag on it 🙁 Ah well – just excuse the spelling mistakes!

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Thought I’d try out this nice looking application on my iPhone – lifecast. At the moment, I’m typing all of this on my phone, which will be cool for blogging when I’m out and about! May actually motivate me to post more often!

It’s also supposed to show where I am, which is slightly scary! We’ll see how well it works!

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Waste of time

If anyone feels like they need to waste some time at school – I can
recommend ALIS tests. We sat another today, just as boring as the
last, but this one serves no purpose whatsoever! All it does is get
compiled and sent back to school! That was an hour I could have used
for doing homework!

Got another stupid tutorial tomorrow as well, finishing the reports we
already should have done! They wonder why we dont show up?!

Fools. I'll take the extra hour in bed thanks!