Durham Interview

Note: Had written this on Thursday, but forgot to post it! Haha!

Durham interview went well today! Apparently will be receiving an offer of AAB within the next few weeks, which isn’t too bad! Also heard back from York, they want AAB including Maths!

Josephine Butler college at Durham is extremely nice, en-suite rooms, lovely bar (:P), free gym… loads! The kitchens for the flats were actually nice as well!

Sadly, the choice isn’t too clear cut between York and Durham, since Durham’s Computer Science facilities didn’t really impress me much (no reference to the song!), whereas at York the CS department is awesome!!!

I’m off to see Nottingham next Wednesday – that still looks like my first choice, with York/Durham forming the back-up offer (I know it sounds stupid, having a first place offer lower than the reserve!). I did learn, however, that Nottingham has the highest rate of student crime in England… may leave my phone at home!!!

Really enjoyed looking round Durham campus though, since it was a week-day I got to see more of the uni at its busiest – and I liked what I saw!

York Interview

Just got back in from a fun day at York University, just had my interview for Computer Programming & Software Engineering!

The day was quite enlightening, they have brilliant facilities within the CS building, and they’re moving to the new site in 2010, when I’d be away on a sandwich year, but means I’d get my BEng and MEng years in brand new facilities! I wasn’t sure about the hardware part of the course before I went, but I’m fairly taken with it now!

Can’t say much for the other candidates, the ones I met were either over-the-top nerds, or drunks. The other CS students I met were nice though, Campus tour of all the bars went down well – even though they were closed!

Interview went quite well, I was able to get into some detail about my CP5 project for A2 Computing, which the guy seemed fairly interested at, so we shall wait and see!

Next up: Durham on Wednesday!