Welcome to my piece of the internet!

I’m an Air Traffic Controller at Gatwick Airport with ANS, having completed rating courses for both aerodrome and approach with NATS before transferring across when the Gatwick contract was transitioned in March 2016. I grew up in Cheshire (just south of Manchester), and read Software Engineering at Durham University. After my graduation, I found employment as a Technical Account Manager with OpenMarket, a multi-national mobile transaction hub, working on an widely-used application product for managing SMS campaigns and services, before starting with NATS in May 2013.

I’ve spent a number of years working on various projects and teams in many different areas – varying from website design to production management. I have worked with communities, committees, project teams and as my own boss on commercial, open-source and personal undertakings which has left me with a wide variety of experience! You can read a bit more about me on my ‘About‘ pages

If you’ve landed here, you might be after viewing the various projects that I’m currently working on, or maybe my professional portfolio. All of my past university work is also published here.